Police Department

The Rose Hill Police Department operates under three divisions: Field Services Division, Investigations/Community Services Division and Support Services Division. Staffing includes eleven full-time commissioned police officers, one part-time commissioned police officer, one Police/Court Clerk and one Reserve Officers. Our police department strongly emphasizes a community policing philosophy and are committed to providing quality law enforcement services.  The Rose Hill Police Department serves a population of approximately 4,000 residents.

Welcome From The Chief

Thank you for taking interest in the Rose Hill Police Department, in Rose Hill, Kansas.  We are a full service, 24 hour a day resource for our residents and anyone who passes through needing assistance.  Our employees exhibit the highest level of integrity, compassion, and empathy and support areas of patrol, investigations, and special services.  Through our relationships with surrounding agencies and members of the community we strive to provide a safe place for our citizens to live.  For three straight years Rose Hill has been listed as one of the ten safest cities in Kansas, a distinction we work hard to maintain. Show More

Please take some time to navigate our site as there are several interactive aspects which are constantly updated.  You will find information regarding Open Records requests, fingerprinting services, and vacation watch requests.  Additionally, employment information can be located here as well as concerns regarding animal control and citizen compliment/complaint forms and many more.  The Rose Hill Police Department takes our service to this community seriously and we constantly seek out more efficient processes.

The Rose Hill Police Department is honored to serve and protect your lives and property.  Thank you for taking the time to read this message and get to know your public servants.


Chief Taylor Parlier
Rose Hill Police Department

Mission Statement 

The Rose Hill Police Department is committed to the protection of life; property and public peace through training, professionalism, integrity, and hard work. We continually work to build partnerships to further our mission to make Rose Hill the safest community possible.

Proudly serving the Rose Hill Community through Dedication, Integrity, and Compassion.

Officer Roster

Taylor Parlier

Chief of Police tparlier@cityofrosehill.com

Jason Conrad

Captain jconrad@cityofrosehill.com

Joel Sibley

Sergeant jsibley@cityofrosehill.com

Jordan Watson

Sergeant jwatson@cityofrosehill.com

Missy Tharp

Detective mtharp@cityofrosehill.com

Blake Weekley

Police Officer bweekley@cityofrosehill.com

Nicklas Cline

Police Officer ncline@cityofrosehill.com

Zackary Hobson

Police Officer zhobson@cityofrosehill.com

Will Bishop

Police Officer wbishop@cityofrosehill.com

Kristie Metcalf

Police / Court Clerk kmetcalf@cityofrosehill.com

Deshaun Smith

Police Officer / Part Time dsmith@cityofrosehill.com

Daniel Harshbarger

Police Officer / Part Time dharshbarger@cityofrosehill.com

Tom Maloney

Police Officer / Part Time tmaloney@cityofrosehill.com


Ed Musterer

Reserve Sergeant emusterer@cityofrosehill.com

Dustin Short

Reserve Officer dshort@cityofrosehill.com

Brian Culpepper

Reserve Officer bculpepper@cityofrosehill.com