Rose Hill Sustainability

The following services are located at the Resource Management Facility (15385 SW 160th Street):

Green Waste Site

Rose Hill Residences may drop off their residential yard waste (grass clippings, tree limbs and miscellaneous vegetation debris) at the Green Waste site. Residents are also allowed to take any available dirt or mulch at the site for no charge.

Residents will need a key fob for access. Please come by City Hall, located at 125 W. Rosewood, to receive your key fob. The first fob is free and must be returned to City Hall if the resident were to move from city limits (a $25 will apply if not returned, lost, or damaged). After the key fob has been acquired, the Rose Hill resident may take their yard waste to the Green Waste site any day of the week between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.
No commercial dumping allowed! For more information on what can and cannot be taken to the site, please see our Green Waste Site Rules and Regulations.

E-Waste/Electronic Waste (located in El Dorado)
Find information on recycling E-waste here.
(316) 321-9278