Rose Hill Street Department

The Rose Hill Street Department is responsible for providing safe, smooth driving surfaces in a financially sustainable manner. We have developed an aggressive, proactive approach to maintaining and improving the City streets. Some of the methods we use to repair and/or extend the lifespan of the streets include:

  • Asphalt patching (hot and cold)
  • Chip sealing
  • Crack sealing
  • Surface sealing
  • Millings

In addition, the Street staff performs daily checks and maintenance of street/sidewalk lights, street signs, and traffic signals. They also are tasked with sweeping debris off the streets as needed, and plowing every city street during snow storms.

The Street Department ensures that there is an unobstructed path for water to flow in storm drains and drainage ways. In order to do so, we:

  • Mow and remove debris from Cedar Crest drainage way
  • Monitor and remove debris and leaves from storm sewers
  • Pick up and remove trash along Rose Hill Road ditches weekly
  • Clean culvert drains as needed