Water & Wastewater

Rose Hill Water Department

The City of Rose Hill purchases and distributes high-quality water services to approximately 4,000 customers. The Public Works Department is responsible for managing and maintaining the City’s water infrastructure, which includes:

  • All city main water lines (from 2″ to 12 ” in diameter)
  • Water values
  • Two water towers
  • Booster Pump Station
  • All fire hydrants
  • Approximately 1,575 water meter services

The Public Works department is also responsible for monitoring the Backflow Protection program. The City requires that a backflow device be installed on all lawn sprinklers or any other hazard deemed by the City to be harmful if it were to get into the water system. Backflow devices must be tested annually to ensure the safety of the potable water system.

Rose Hill Water Resources

2024 Consumer Confidence Report – Review a snapshot of the quality of the water that we provided in 2023. Included are details about where your water comes from, what it

contains, and how it compares to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state standards.

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Rose Hill Wastewater Department

The Wastewater Operations staff’s duties are essential to ensuring public and environmental health by providing reliable sewer collections and effective wastewater treatment. They are responsible for monitoring and testing the influent (incoming), effluent (out-going) and sludge samples.

The collection system includes sanitary sewer lines within the City, as well as gravity mains, hundreds of manholes, four Lift Stations, and sewer force mains. The Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), located at 15385 SW 160th St., operates as an activated Sludge Treatment Plant with UV disinfection. The design of the facility allows for up to 1 million gallons of flow per day. Effluent (out-going) flow from the WWTF consistently meets or exceeds all Kansas Dept. of Health & Environment Protection agency requirements. The resource management facility is located at 15385 SW 160th Street Rose Hill, KS 67133.