Permit Requirements

The City of Rose Hill requires permits for garage sales and most home projects (such as swimming pools, driveway/sidewalks, signs, etc.). Please contact City Hall below with any questions. Note: Any transaction, other than utility bill payments, will be assessed a credit card transaction fee. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Garage Sales

Garage Sale permits are required in the City of Rose Hill. Each address is allowed two garage sales per year. The cost is $3.00 for one, two or three day sales. Two signs are allowed at the sale location, with two allowed on other properties with the owner’s permission.
Apply for a garage sale permit.

Swimming Pools

Permits are required for ALL in-ground pools and above-ground pools that are over 5,000 gallons.
Apply for a swimming pool permit.

Pet License

All dogs and cats must be registered with the City. Registration and pet tag renewals are due by the last day of February each year. There will be a $5.00 late fee if not purchased by March 1. Licenses are good for 1 year.
Apply for a pet license.

2023 City of Rose Hill Neighborhood Revitalization 

In an effort to renew commercial and residential structures within the city of Rose Hill, the City is offering tax rebates for improvement and new construction projects. For more information, please click here or you may apply for a tax rebate ($25 non-refundable application fee). This program will expire December 31, 2027.

Park Reservation

Rose Hill has several different parks available for the enjoyment of citizens of all ages! The parks are available for Rose Hill residents & organizations events (birthday parties, family reunions, ballgames, cook-outs, etc.).
Apply for a park reservation online!

Residential Building Permit Application – Remodel/Repair Addition 

Apply for for residential building permits for additions, remodels, repairs, replacements, and wrecking.

Sign Permit

Apply for a temporary or permanent sign permit.

Zoning & Building Questions 

Please contact City Hall with any questions you have regarding zoning and building. Permits are required on most home projects.

The Building Official is responsible for the inspection of Building, Housing, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Codes and reviewing building plans and permits submitted to the Planning and Zoning Department. The city has adopted the 2018 Editions of the IBC, IRC, IPC, IMC, IFGC, IFC  and the 2017 Edition of the NEC.

Homeowners Acting as Contractors 

If you are a homeowner acting as your own general contractor or obtaining a building permit in your own name, please review our Homeowner as Contractor Disclaimer document. If you are using a contractor to perform work on your home and the contractor asks you to get the permit – say “No!” This is a red flag. Call the City and see if the contractor is licensed and insured.