Document Center Tutorial

How To Use the City of Rose Hill Document Center

The City produces many important documents that affect operations, citizens, and decisions. Organizing and categorizing them for quick easy reference can be tricky. The City has chosen to use one web page with an interactive table to help with this. On this page, you will find meeting materials, draft documents, policies, recordings, pictures, etc… Each item is labeled or tagged by department, purpose, status, topic, and year, and includes a description that is searchable.

The purpose is to place on this site any document:

  1. Reviewed, considered, or approved by a city board
  2. That serves as a form or application for service
  3. That provides information or policies that might prove helpful or useful to citizens

Not every document the City produces will be included. This tool is for transparency and convenience and is not intended to replace any aspect of the City’s official records policies. If you believe something should be included that is not, please let City staff know and it likely can be added. If you are not finding what you are looking for, let City staff know that as well and we can help you look and provide documents that might still be “public” but in our opinion, didn’t meet the criteria above for inclusion here.

We have created six buttons that quickly filter for the following documents: Forms, Meeting Packets, Resolutions, Ordinances, Police Department, and Archive.

City of Rose Hill Document Center Frequent Searches Example

To find something else, type in a keyword and hit “Search” or select your parameters and hit the “Filter” button.

City of Rose Hill Document Center Search Box Example

As an option to hitting the filter button, you can also select various criteria to better focus your results. You can select document type, department, purpose, status, topic, and year. Status is going to be limited to active, archive, or draft and year is the year the document was produced or approved. The other categories correspond to operations and functions.

From there, you can click on the title of the document to open it, or you can click the download arrow to save it to your computer.

City of Rose Hill Document Center Downloading File Example

You can still find current year meeting minutes and agendas for the City Council here and for the Planning Commission here. The meeting “packets” will be available here in the document center. Keep in mind that the City’s entire organized laws (Code) are available here. Don’t forget to like the City on Facebook.