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Communication Survey Results

65 total responses

1. Over the past year, has communication improved between the City and Rose Hill residents?

2. What is your preferred method of communication with the City?

Other Responses:

  • text message
  • Mail
  • Email
  • website
  • Could monies be saved if the calculations of water/sewer bills be completed with Staff at City Hall versus paying another company to do this?
  • Phone Call
  • email--utility bill not good for me--have auto draft and rarely open the billings

3. How often would you like to hear from the City?

4. What City information are you most interested in?

Other Responses:

  • City council updates

5. Is Facebook the most effective way to communicate with residents?


  • Not everyone is on Facebook
  • not everyone has or wants facebook. I have it though, but as a broadcast, I doubt you get a majority of residents to receive
  • I don't get the paper so this is the only place I get info on Rose Hill
  • For most generations, yet. Would be nice to televise city council meetings and weekly updates via TV or Internet.
  • Ease of access and realtime updates
  • It is for those who are active on fb, for all others it would be the least effective.
  • If a post is not liked or shared, it can get lost in the timeline shuffle
  • believe it or not - everyone does not belong to FB or have computers/internet
  • Technology is a wonderful thing, and we need to embrace it. it provides a platform to effectively reach the community
  • Facebook and Twitter are the first places I look when there is a major event
  • I am constantly on Facebook, and it is the first place I check when I want to know news.
  • Not everyone has a facebook page. Utilizing facebook only will not inform all citizens of Rose Hill.
  • don't use it---I use the web site, newspaper, email
  • It is one way but not the best
  • Believe it or not, not everyone does facebook - some do not even have computers!

6. In the event of urgent news, would you check Facebook to receive more details?

7. Does the City do a good job of marketing the community through social media?

8. I can easily find what I need about the City on the cityofrosehill.com website.


  • Keep good current infomation available
  • I have had difficulty reading laws.
  • The current site is difficult to navigate
  • Good information, good format

9. Is there anything else you'd like to add regarding communications from the City?

  • Communications have improved, but still have a ways to go. This survey is a good example of the City's continued efforts to improve. Thank you.
  • Weekly update be given to the channel 12/10 news station. Seldom news from Rose Hill is on the news.
  • People were furious with cable companies from switching from analog signals to digital, but we all survived right? I'd personally volunteer to read the FB posts to anyone on Saturday mornings at Casey's.
  • Communication from the City needs to be all encompassing. Putting emphasis on social media communication may keep a portion of RH residents in the dark about what is happening in Rose Hill.