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Open Finances

This site provides you the opportunity to view, filter, and analyze revenue, expense, and balance sheet financial data for Rose Hill. You can analyze financial trends from 2004 to current from a micro point-of-view (e.g. salaries within the Fire Department) to a macro point-of-view (e.g. total budget for the Public Safety Department). You my also download the data, for offline analysis at anytime.


Tips on How to Use the City of Rose Hill Portal

  • All data can be downloaded as a .csv spreadsheet or a .png image.
  • All data can be shared by either email or social media
  • Some expenditures or revenues do not track year to year. There may be expenditure for a specific item or project in 2014 that the City no longer uses.
  • Using the “Filter by” drop down on the left hand side, you are able to narrow down the data you are viewing